Never miss a great exchange rate again with our Rate Alert

Don't wait around for a better exchange rate...get informed instantly when your desired rate has been reached.

Never miss a great exchange rate again with our Rate Alert

Many of us spend little time to watch and compare currency exchange rates. We just use our preferred method of sending money overseas, without questioning if it’s a good time to proceed and lock-in a FX (foreign exchange) rate.

Of course, we are not saying it’s always better to wait for a better exchange rate, but at the very least make an informed decision. You should be able to choose a specific target exchange rate and be informed instantly when this level has been reached.

Never miss an exchange rate again with FX rate alerts

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Get the best exchange rate instantly

Look for a specific currency payments platform, which is offering tailored FX rate alerts. Most of them will have some of graphic illustration of exchange rates. Looking at these charts will provide you with some guidance on what happened the last few days and weeks.

However, you will have to form your own conclusion if the prevailing market FX rate is favourable or you should just wait a bit longer. Unfortunately, any foreign exchange payment providers would NOT be able to make any recommendation.

To setup an rate alert for your chosen currency pair and target FX rate, consider using FlashFX rate alert.

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