SWIFT strikes back and proves its own obsolescence

SWIFT strikes back and proves its own obsolescence

When SWIFT first announced its Global Payments Initiative (GPI), Ripple took the opportunity to highlight the ways SWIFT has failed to innovate, and how proposed changes to their messaging system do not meet the growing demands for global payments.

The banking world took notice, powering Ripple’s momentum as we moved beyond experimentation with distributed ledger technology (DLT) and into commercial production with leading banks.

With its most recent announcement, SWIFT appears to have taken notice as well.

Check-out the insightful article on Ripple's Insight blog.

In the meantime, while SWIFT is studying the technology and opportunities of developing a more competitive solution, others including recent fintech start-up FlashFX are getting on with the job of demonstrating in the real world just how cost- and time-effective foreign exchange transfer services can and should be.

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